• 16-Oct-2021 | 10:31 AM
  • 14-Aug-2021 | 5:17 PM
    Dear students & parents, Cyberschool is offering an online self-paced test practice test called 'GA Practice for Scholarship Test'. It is designed for students who want to build a solid foundation for general ability skills, especially for the preparation of the AAS, ACER or Edutest ... Read More
  • 13-Aug-2021 | 6:39 PM
    We're pleased to inform that a new thinking skills resource book called 'Essential Logic for Thinking Skills' will be released on 21st August 2021. Parents can place an order at our online bookshop. This book has been designed to simulate common thinking skills questions based on e... Read More
  • 25-May-2021 | 8:35 PM
    It has come to our attention that a coaching school calling itself the “Pre Uni College” is using the name that is almost identical to ours and has been alleged to purport to be part of the PRE-UNI NEW COLLEGE. We would like to warn our parents, especially those who live in Bella Vis... Read More
  • 13-May-2021 | 3:07 PM
      To build a strong vocabulary, Cyberschool is offering the vocabulary tests to Years K-6 EM/EMG/WEMG/WEMT/Elite Transition course students during the term on a weekly basis.   Students need to have a rich vocabulary that continually grows through language and literacy experiences,... Read More
  • 08-May-2021 | 10:57 AM
      Pre-Uni New College has launched a new computer-based test (CBT) as the selective high school placement test is expected to be online from 2022.   To prepare for any changes in the actual exam format, Term 2 STTC will be conducted both in the new computer-based test (CBT) and ... Read More
  • 01-May-2021 | 5:19 PM
    Dear Year 5 Standard WEMT Students (NSW only), We're pleased to announce that in addition to writing activity in class, Cyberschool will provide Year 5 Standard WEMT students with a new online rewriting service from 2021 Term 2. Students are encouraged to use this new service to get more fee... Read More
  • 11-Jan-2021 | 10:56 AM
    table, th, td { border: 1px solid #e4eaf2; } Dear Year 6 Parents,   If you're looking for a high level of thinking skills questions, you may be interested in Cambridge International AS and A Level past papers at the download links below.   Cambridge International AS and A ... Read More
  • 24-Oct-2020 | 4:37 PM
    STTC thinking skills tests are now available. In response to the changes in selective high school placement test format and to prepare for a new thinking skills test component, Pre-Uni New College is providing new online thinking skills tests and test review videos until a new test format has be... Read More
  • 08-Aug-2020 | 1:22 PM
    Dear STTC students, Cyberschool is providing a new STTC online 1+1 reading test and writing retest service during the term (NSW and SA branches only). We highly encourage our STTC students to use these services to enhance their reading comprehension and writing skills under exam conditions.... Read More