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  • Dear Year 4 Parents and Students, In order to ensure our students remain actively involved in their preparation for the upcoming OC placement test, we have decided to provide eligible* students wi... Read More
    22-Jul-2023 | 12:06 PM
  • Dear Autumn Holiday OCTTC students,   The 2023 winter holiday OCTTC challenge services for Reading, Mathematical Resoning and Thinking Skills tests will be available from Tuesday, 11th... Read More
    03-Jul-2023 | 10:59 AM
  • Dear Year 4 Students & Parents,   We are thrilled to inform you about the upcoming opportunity class mock test event scheduled for Sunday, 23rd July 2023. The test is designed to provid... Read More
    07-Jun-2023 | 6:57 PM
  •   Term 3 courses will be commencing on Saturday, 15th July. We are pleased to announce that the Term 3 courses at Pre-Uni New Coll... Read More
    24-May-2023 | 8:50 PM
  • 2023 Winter School Holiday Intensive Course (3 - 14 July) Pre-Uni New College is excited to offer a special winter school holiday intensive course for students of all primary grades (K-6). Th... Read More
    15-May-2023 | 9:44 AM
  •         The 2023 Term 2 ‘Book Review Competition’ is now open to Years 2 to 5 WEMG/WEMT students at Pre-Uni New College. Please find out more details from the newsletter link below.  
    29-Apr-2023 | 12:35 PM
  • Dear Parents and Students,   We wish to bring to your attention serveral adjustments to our scholarship and family (sibling) discount conditions, along with an important update concerning o... Read More
    28-Apr-2023 | 5:25 PM
  • Pre-Uni New College Mini Test Practice Sets for Thinking Skills and Mathematical Reasoning Pre-Uni New College is excited to announce the availability of practice sets for the Thinking S... Read More
    21-Apr-2023 | 4:39 PM
  • Dear Autumn Holiday OCTTC students, The 2023 autumn holiday OCTTC challenge services for mathematical resoning and thinking skills tests will be available from Tuesday, 18th April at Cyb... Read More
    16-Apr-2023 | 10:53 PM
  • Dear Autumn Holiday STTC students,   The 2023 Autumn Holiday STTC challenge services for mathematical reasoning, thinking skills and reading tests will be available from Tuesday, 12th ... Read More
    11-Apr-2023 | 10:15 PM