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2024 Term 2 Primary Cyberschool Service Information (NSW)
02-May-2024 | 7:40 PM
Maximise your learning with Cyberschool services.
Cyberschool is a special e-learning website hosted by Pre-Uni New College and provides the extensive educational services to help students revise their entire Pre-Uni New College class work. 
Services vary depending on the course registered, and each service has its due date. Therefore, students should enjoy all provided services until expiry as there is no extension.
Click the image below to overview 2024 Term 2 Primary Cyberschool Service List (NSW).

Check Out the 2024 Term 2 Course (NSW) Cyberschool Newsletter and Service Schedule below!

Year 6 6+ Year 5 WEMT Year 4 WEMT Year 3 WEMT Year 2 WEMT Year 1 EMG Year K EM
  Year 5 STTC Year 4 OCTTC        
  Year 5 TS (F2F) Year 4 TS (F2F)        
  Year 5 TS (Zoom) Year 4 TS (Zoom)        

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