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Conquer Selective School Exam with Our New Practice Book Bundle Offer!
21-Mar-2024 | 8:49 PM
Great news for Year 6 students!
We're excited to announce the release of two brand new practice books to help you ace your upcoming selective school exam:
Thinking Skills Problem Solving 300: This challenge edition is packed with 300 brain-teasing questions designed to push advanced thinkers to the next level.
Selective Practice Book (Version 3): The latest edition of this popular resource features a variety of practice tests for Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills.
What's Included:
Thinking Skills Problem Solving 300:
30 sets of 10 challenging questions (300 total)
1 booklet with answer sheets, test sets, and solutions
Selective Practice Book Ver. 3:
2 sets of practice tests for each subject: Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Thinking Skills
3 separate booklets (Reading, MR, and TS) with test papers, answer sheets, and solutions
Don't miss this chance to boost your exam preparation!
Get both practice books at a special discount when you purchase them together!
(A special bundle price offer is valid until 17th April 2024, so don't miss out!)
Visit our online bookstore to learn more and grab your bundle today!