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Thinking Skills for Selective Exam: Boost Your Child's Chances of Success
28-Sep-2023 | 4:19 PM
We are excited to introduce our new "Thinking Skills for Selective Exam" course, designed to help students develop the problem-solving and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in their academic journey and on the selective school placement test.
This comprehensive course covers essential topics, including:
- Effective problem-solving skills
- Critical thinking and analysis
- Drawing reasoned conclusions
- Applying knowledge to new situations
Our dedicated teachers will guide students through engaging activities and thought-provoking exercises to help them become proficient critical thinkers. Students will learn to analyse, evaluate, and draw reasoned conclusions from the information they encounter. As they develop their thinking skills, they will gain confidence in their abilities to excel academically and ultimately the selective school exam.
The course is available both face-to-face and online (Zoom) format.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child the competitive edge they need for the thinking skills section of the Selective school exam.
For full details, please check out the course newsletter below: