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2022 Autumn Holiday OCTTC Review Schedule
19-Apr-2022 | 4:54 PM

Dear Autumn Holiday OCTTC students,

The 2022 autumn holiday OCTTC tests review services for mathematical resoning and thinking skills tests will be available from Wednesday, 20th April at Cyberschool.

Please be aware that each test has its review service period as below. So please access the service before the expiry date and revise all available questions for you.


Autumn Holiday OCTTC MR&TS Review Period

  Test No.13 Test No.14 Test No.15 Test No.16
Service Start Wed 20.Apr.2022 Thu 21.Apr.2022 Fri 22.Apr.2022  Sat 23.Apr.2022
Service End Tue 26.Apr.2022 Wed 27.Apr.2022 Thu 28.Apr.2022 Fri 29.Apr.2022


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