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Special Spring Holiday Intensive Course
13-Aug-2020 | 6:32 PM

A special springschool holiday intensive course will be held from 28th September to 9th October.

Year 6 courses are designed to help students make a successful transition to Year 7 by building up a solid foundation by developing essential skills such as independent research and analysis in reading, writing, speaking as well as consolidating crucial maths topics.

Year 5 courses will continue with the Year 6 syllabus for their selective high school placement test next year. Both Intensive Spring Holiday WEMG Course and the Intensive Selective Trial Test Course are highly recommended for their success in the 2021 selective high school placement tests

Year 4 intensive spring holiday courses will provide a very effective springboard for their success in the 2022 selective high school placement test.

Yrs K-3 course will revise and reinforce the foundations of their learning to begin the new term equipped with the ability and self-confidence and get ahead of their peers

Yrs 2 and 4 Special G.A. Course in the 2nd week, will reinforce students’ general ability skill. The course will focus on the specific types of general ability questions and students will be introduced to each of the concepts, be encouraged to practice solving the questions under the guidance of a teacher.

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