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  • Introducing STTC Online Thinking Skills Test
    24-Oct-2020 | 4:37 PM

    STTC thinking skills tests are now available.

    Dear STTC students,

    A new STTC thinking skills test is now open at the Online Test menu of the Cyberschool.
    In response to the changes in selective high school placement test format and to prepare for a new thinking skills test component, Pre-Uni New College is providing new online thinking skills tests and test review videos until a new test format has been confirmed by the NSW Department of Education.
    The thinking skills test is a weekly online test at the Cyberschool with different types of problem-solving and critical thinking questions. STTC students complete each test within the test opening period and revise the questions using the test review video that will be available from the following week.

    Please read the details of the testing schedule below and complete all available tests within the schedule..




  • 13-Oct-2020 | 8:53 PM
    Pre-Uni New College invites Years 1-5 WEMG/EMG students to participate in the Book Review Competition from the beginning of Term 4 2020. Please click the poster image below and check out the competition details and entry form.
  • 13-Oct-2020 | 4:13 PM
    Pre-Uni New College will be holding its annual scholarship test during Term 4. Current Years 2, 3 and 4 students can take this opportunity to get the scholarship for next year's WEMG studies. Please check out the test schedule below.  
  • 25-Sep-2020 | 3:45 PM
    Thanks to everyone who participated in Term 2 Book Review Competition! It has been a great pleasure in receiving their favourite book review and we'd like to congratulate the winners: All winners received a $100 credit for the 2020 Spring Holiday or Term 4 WEMG course en... Read More
  • 17-Sep-2020 | 5:37 PM
      Term 4 course will be commencing on Saturday, 10th October. Term 4 courses are structured to accommodate the academic standards expected of students who will sit for the OC, selective high school placement and i... Read More
  • 13-Aug-2020 | 6:32 PM
    A special springschool holiday intensive course will be held from 28th September to 9th October. Year 6 courses are designed to help students make a successful transition to Year 7 by building up a solid foundation by developing essential skills such as independent research and analysis in ... Read More
  • 08-Aug-2020 | 1:22 PM
    Dear STTC students, Cyberschool is providing a new STTC online 1+1 reading test and writing retest service during the term (NSW and SA branches only). We highly encourage our STTC students to use these services to enhance their reading comprehension and writing skills under exam conditions.... Read More
  • 07-Aug-2020 | 8:02 PM
    Pre-Uni New College will be hosting the 27th Australian Selective Achievement Test (ASAT) for Year 5 students on Sunday, 13th September. The ASAT provides an important benchmark to assess readiness for the actual test. It will help students build confidence and increase familiarity wit... Read More
  • 02-Jul-2020 | 5:18 PM
    Watch our 'weekly video newsletter' below and know what you will be learning in the upcoming weeks.       Term 4 WEEK 3 Video Newsletter Year 5 WEMG Year 4 WEMG Year 3 WEMG Year 2 WEMG ... Read More
  • 30-Jun-2020 | 7:26 PM
    Pre-Uni New College invites Years K-6 children to participate in the 13th ‘Artists of the Future’ drawing competition. This year's theme of the competition is 'Geometry in Nature'.  For full details,  download the competition details and entry form&... Read More