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  • 17-Jun-2017 | 4:15 PM
    Thank you for joining our Term 2 Selective High School information seminar today at Homebush Boys High. We hope that our Year 5 parents found it informative and worthwhile. There were many topics covered during the seminar and the presenter David and Eva did their best to share... Read More
  • 19-May-2017 | 8:15 PM
    Pre-Uni New College Winter Holiday Special Primary Course will be held from 3rd - 14th July. This winter holiday course will allow students to build a solid foundation for the new term and have the advantage of getting ahead. Year 4 Final Revision courses will be quite intensive and pr... Read More
  • 16-May-2017 | 7:48 PM
    Year 4 Annual Intensive OC Trial Test event will be held on Sunday, 23rd July - 3 days before the actual OC Placement Test. By attending this trial test event, students will have an opportunity to gain a measure of their current achievement level under the same exam conditions as the actual OC P... Read More
  • 22-Apr-2017 | 8:02 AM
    Watch your Weekly Video Newsletter below and know what you will be learning in the upcoming week. Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter Year 5 WEMG Year 4 WEMG Year 3 WEMG Year 2 EMG Year 1 EM Year K EM ... Read More
  • 14-Apr-2017 | 9:02 PM
    We want our WEMG students to have the best experience when using the Cyberschool video lesson service on smaller screens, so after several months of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Cyberschool mobile site from 2017 Term 2. The mobile version of the Cyberschool... Read More
  • 31-Mar-2017 | 8:59 PM
    Cyberschool will launch a new online term test review service to Years 1-6 WEMG, EMG and EM course students. This service will enable students to revise their Maths and General ability term test questions online at home during the first week of each school holiday period. It will p... Read More
  • 28-Mar-2017 | 2:48 PM
    Pre-Uni New College Head Office will be closed during Easter break from Friday, 14th April until Monday, 17th April. We will reopen on Tuesday, 18 April at 8am. Happy Easter!  
  • 01-Mar-2017 | 5:57 PM
      Pre-Uni New College Term 3 course will start from Saturday, 15th July.   The Term 3 course has been structured to accommodate the academic standards expected of students who will sit for the 2017 OC, 2018 selective high school, and private school scholarship tests.... Read More
  • 01-Mar-2017 | 5:47 PM
    Autumn School Holiday Special Primary Course will be held from 10th April. This course will be great help for the intensive consolidation work in preparation for this year's OC Placement Test and next year's Selective High School Placement Test. As part of the National Assess... Read More
  • 07-Feb-2017 | 3:02 PM
    Pre-Uni New College Final Intensive Trial Test (FITT) will be the last programme for its Year 6 students who will sit this year's selective high school placement test on 9th March. By sitting the FITT, students will be able to systematically revise the entire course wo... Read More